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Crown Lengthening

What is crown lengthening?

  • Crown lengthening is a common surgical procedure that exposes more of the tooth by gently removing tissue from around the root and, in some cases, reshaping and recontouring the jaw bone.

  • Crown lengthening can make your teeth appear longer.

  • Crown lengthening can correct a “gummy” smile in which teeth are covered with excess gum tissue.

  • Treatment may be performed on a single tooth, many teeth, or the entire gum line.

Why do I need crown lengthening?

  • For a restoration (filling or crown) to be strong, its margins must rest on sound tooth structure. Often, because of decay or fractures, the only remaining tooth structure is at or below the gum line. Crown-lengthening surgery will expose more tooth structure so your restoration will be secure and strong.

  • Crown lengthening can also be done for aesthetic reasons, to make short teeth appear longer.

What does crown lengthening involve?

  • Crown lengthening is a delicate and precise procedure that takes 30-90 minutes per tooth.

  • Crown lengthening is done in keeping with surgical principles, with sterile instruments, good light, and a dry operative field.

  • Surgery is done under local anaesthesia and you should be completely pain-free during the procedure. If you are anxious or nervous, we can use additional medications to make you more comfortable. Please discuss any concerns with Dr. Bender.

  • You will receive specific post-operative instructions following surgery.

  • We will need to see you for post-operative visits. Our staff will arrange these appointments.

Is there a need for ongoing care?

  • If crown lengthening is done to create a good margin for a crown, it is important that you arrange to have the crown or filling placed soon after surgery (approximately 4-6 weeks) to prevent the gum from growing back into the area.

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